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every weekend. saturdays and sunday. place. most expensive. finland is the. anticipation. in thirty minutes. and i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war but it's certainly all citizens of ukraine every
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man woman and. their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here which is the. global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. they know like. they know what people think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be helpful piece assault with. a virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does the machine need to do to
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create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. through this and it's a feelings that the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to. tell the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d.w. news live from berlin anti u.s. protests turned violent in beirut demonstrators clashed with police near the u.s.
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embassy to lebanon is the latest outburst of anger at donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital also coming up and human rights day we go to uganda to see how peace activists are helping victims of the devastating civil conflict there. thanks for joining us i'm mary and i haven't seen the arab league foreign ministers have demanded that the united states reverse president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital but decision has sparked violent protests not just in israel in the palestinian territories but in other countries as well in lebanon security forces have fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters near the u.s. embassy in beirut addressing crowds the head of lebanon's communist party declared
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the us to be quote the enemy of palestine. on president trump has said he was only recognizing reality despite warnings that the move could jeopardize the middle east peace process. as another dawn breaks on jerusalem more israeli police stand on guard they fear further protests palestinians here enraged by the u.s. decision to recognize this contested city as israel's capital their anger has echoed through the arab world at an emergency meeting in egypt on saturday arab leaders the u.s. to abandon the move saying it was a violation of international law for. sure but why but in the cellar we call on all of the world's peace loving nations to raise their voices clearly and to reject the u.s. president's illegal decision. we call on the world to recognize the state of palestine
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with east jerusalem as its capital. the palestinians say president mahmoud abbas has canceled a planned meeting with u.s. vice president mike pence as clouds hang over the white house washington looks to have lost its role as a piece in the middle east balance the diplomatic reverberations extend further israel's prime minister calling many european countries hypocritical. for the over . while i respect i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president shrub's historic statement but i have not heard condemnations of the rockets fired at israel or the terrible incitement against it. you know my mid term. netanyahu made those remarks before boarding a plane for a two day trip to paris and brussels for water expected to be tense talks.
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of for more we're joined now by our correspondent in jerusalem tanya kramer so tanya israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now in paris where he's meeting with french president a monologue kron just what kind of a reception is he likely getting there. well you have to know this trip had long been planned before the recognition of to some as the capital of israel by the u.s. president now mr netanyahu was supposed to go to paris and to meet with the e.u. leaders to main you talk about iran and the nuclear deal now what we expect is no frank discussion about the issue mr netanyahu also made it clear you heard it in the report that he called what he called a double standard by criticizing the recognition but not mentioning the rocket attacks on israel now it will be interesting to hear what also the e.u. leaders to foreign ministers he's going to meet on monday have to say and if
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they're prepared as well because they have condemned the recognition but what they have to say and how they would be prepared to step in maybe also in this process well kind of the arab league held an emergency meeting yesterday and now has called on president trump to reverse his jerusalem move but is this going to have any impact while that is still to see it was expected that the arab league will issue a statement of condemnation they have done so before but you have to understand i mean the peak has never been really fully implicated in the israeli palestinian conflict they have always issued combination and statements but they all have of course also their own interests and it doesn't seem to me that they would have an interest to cut ties with the u.s. over this but of course it's still to see what impact that will have because there will be other meetings also with the foreign ministers of the islamic council next
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week and they will try to find a common response from the auric region to this and we've seen many quiet violent protests throughout the arab world today there were protests outside the u.s. embassy in lebanon tell us about the security situation at today in israel and the palestinian territories is more violence expected. well let me give you the latest on this because in the last hour or so we had reports coming in from actually stopping attack in jerusalem at the central bus station that is on the west side of. israeli side and that is exactly what israeli security officials here fear that the violence might also spillover and have some of these what they usually call the tox we don't know yet according to the police has been neutralized we don't know for sure yet if that is considered a terrorist talk but this is what we're hearing now from from jerusalem tanya kramer reporting from jerusalem many thanks for that update now to some of the
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other stories making news around the world on the twenty seventeen nobel peace prize laureates have been presented with their award at a ceremony and also campaign group i can was recognized for its work for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons it's expressed concern about what it calls an extremely dangerous situation in north korea. at least one person has died trying to escape huge wildfires raging through southern california around two hundred thousand people have been forced to flee their homes the winds that have been fanning the flames are finally starting to ease but firefighters say the danger is still extreme while it's human rights day which commemorates the signing of the united nations universal declaration of human rights in one nine hundred forty eight but nearly seventy years later human rights are far from universal and our next report we meet
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a group of rights activists in uganda they're helping victims of the conflict between the government and the militant religious cult. st joseph's hospital in northern uganda. here some two hundred patients are receiving treatment of the wounds they sustained during the lord's resistance army insurgency. millions were massacred mutilated tortured in sleeves and raped in the conflict between the l r a and government troops victor archon and his organization african management of network provide support for victims who until now have never seen a doctor. because i have no problem with forgiving those who injured me as long as i'm healed it depends on my ability to become normal again but defines whether or not i can forgive. omar james will walk again victor uses these success stories to convince the un and
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the european union to fund his project. make peace tangible to people in justice and that's why we say people. elop them here it will hop into space for its twenty. minute painful stories. in february two thousand and four troops stormed the victors hometown and massacred hundreds of people many were abducted including victors older brother omar jeffrey. here at the memorial site the people of commemorate those who were lost. the contest lost just too much the debris debated in the country needs. a prospect for national reconciliation. in twenty fifteen victor was
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nominated for the nobel peace prize since then he's turned down prestigious job offers abroad because he knows that uganda is wounds are still a long way from being healed. well for more on the human rights challenges around the world we're joined now by catherine teche she's director of humanitarian response at world vision international which is a christian relief and advocacy organization dr ted thanks so much for joining us now you've worked extensively in africa what are the main human rights challenges facing the region. thank you so much for having me i am definitely in twenty eighteen what you an arch of the night and a things office for humanitarian caribbean nation is predicting is that one hundred thirty five million people will require humanitarian assistance there is a connection between human rights abuses and the need for humanitarian support
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because most of the humanitarian crisis we see are not only caused by natural disaster but also by conflict mainly actually eighty percent of those we know that about twenty eight million children have been driven from their homes within the boundaries of the country or across borders globally and in africa the key challenge has been that we have many protracted contexts where crisis has been up and down displacing children as you've just highlighted in your uganda example we have massive crisis right now in congo in the d.r. congo in the region i've been there in october we continue to have fighting and actually displacement off children who are the most vulnerable among community members in south sudan across the borders we do have ongoing challenges in somalia in the central african republic and so forth so what is very critical is to understand that all these violence outbreaks that continue to be there because also off climate change impact and competition for a scary resources we do see that the most vulnerable ones are forced are forcefully
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recruited into fighting militia groups they are abducted they are mistreated physical emotional violence is one of the key issues we see as a humanitarian and child focused organization on the rise we do also see that has happened continuously in especially displacement contexts to children to girls in particular for example child marriage we do see that about a very very huge number about seven hundred million women that are alive today have been actually married under the age of eighteen and this continues and the other piece is obviously human trafficking which is on the rise in many countries due to conflict and due to displace mints. all right and just quickly if you can tell us a lot of very different types of conflicts so what would you feel what would you say is the most important thing let's say for governments to do. but
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we definitely see is very critical is a holistic kind of bundle of measurements and obviously one thing is to ensure that children and people who are affected by violence are physically protected and are in safe places will be right for example child friendly spaces in the d.r. congo in south sudan and in northern uganda and in other places like for example in bangladesh we do see that the need for physical protection also obviously goes long along with emotional support for those that have been affected by violence and that have been exploited and abused. dr catherine tash we have to leave it there thank you so very much for your insights thank you so much now a dark swedish comedy has scooped the biggest prizes at the european film awards which took place here in berlin last night the square which is a searing satire of contemporary society took six of words in all including the best film and best director for rubin and the winner of the best film prize of the
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european film awards often goes on to win the oscar for best foreign language film yet three years ago it was. now an athlete already considered one of japan's best ever baseball players is about to become an angel twenty three year old shohei otani has signed with the los angeles angels the move to major league baseball in the states was expected but still hard for japanese fans to take. so he otani is a two way threat in baseball the twenty three year old can tow fast bots a two hundred miles per hour and he's explosive at the plate and now he's an angel much to the dismay of japanese support us back home. i'm sad he threw really fast pitches and was also great at better. so i'm really unhappy with him as a kind of season fans know a tiny struggled with an ankle injury this season but
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a year ago he had twenty two home runs and kept hidden said bait with his power for pitching. it's also good that by going out into the world children in japan can see that and have similar aspirations but he never got up the line patani hopes to help turn the angels into world series contenders. a quick reminder now of our top story. in lebanon security forces have fired tear gas and water canot protesters near the u.s. and the scene birth beirut is the latest outburst of anger at donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. you're up to date now on the deadly news thanks for watching.
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when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news and events. and d.-w. makes that part of trial one easy that's because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. are have you found a domain sign on the subject that shoes d.w. in your room you can read a great price go to d.w. dot com travel quiz. it is stormy weather for dortmund coach pedro boss the flying start is now well in the past in fact they wanted to match day fifteen when he was in their last seven
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league games but boss turn things around on saturday and save his job or would he be washed away with the rain let's find out on the board as they go. don't want to dash back into the european places at home to better braman but their guests were aiming to spoil the afternoon for eighteen thousand fame. and us. squared off with the shelter in a faceoff between two clubs desperate to solidify their status as european content . welcome to the bundesliga herman thanks for joining us let's kick things off in dortmund where coach payton bosch is in trouble remember one door the toast of the windows liga mean either the strike scaled and went into match day fifteen having picked up just three points in the bundesliga in the past two months that's the kind of run that can get a guy fired you might think that
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a home dates with second to last place team braman would seem like a good place for bosch to lead a turnaround but vera have staged her own turnaround thin since making a coaching change of their own they play like a team reborn and perhaps ready to give dortmund coach another headache. together with the fans pitch a boss was hoping to see an end to dorman's. but visitors braman wrong talk from the start and let go you notice of it at the first good chance dortmunder again far too passive and were punished up to twenty six minutes with maximilian eg a star and giving brave in the lead. it was a super that that which left dormant people woman becky well they've gotten failed to muster a single shot on goal in the first half fans and club bosses were livid. andray sure they were nearly shining with thrown on at half time and dortmund improved midfielder shinji kagawa going close here. they finally equalized on fifty seven
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minutes with pierre emerick obame and credited with the goal is to get on strike it did get the final touch it makes him the bonus league as a record african scorer with ninety seven goals. braman a made of sterner stuff these days and just eight minutes later they were ahead again tago gary selassie making it to one bush looked crestfallen. dortmund could have levelled later on but the guy was somehow managed to miss the most golden of opportunities. then to braman celebrate their first away win of the campaign while dortmund have now not one in eight in the league. it is my work my job and every game we turn up full of energy but we hoped we would see that on the pitch or smell of the plot seems like it is simply an absolute joke how we performed here in the first half boss failed to get the win he needed to
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guarantee his job. indeed according to multiple media reports here in germany bosch is already on his way out in the course of sunday. will make it official well saturday's second big game saw gladbach take on a shelf dortmund's been falling like a stone these two teams have been mounting steady climbs up the table everything about this match was about as even as you could ask for entering the game just a point separated these two teams in the table each came in with seven wins each had scored nearly the same number of goals as well who have the edge on saturday night. there was much debate between shelter and club in the first half. and one scene in particular dominated the first forty five on the attack. the host started the match in control after twenty two minutes christophe cama coasted in at
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the back post on mox one nil by. shocker didn't have much to shouts of out and their first chance in the first half was cleared by mathias tkinter. soon enough to have intense agrees that the cross and lust indo cleaned up the scraps but the officials weren't convinced after a look at the rate placed into was ruled offside no goal and the officials were once again in the spotlight shortly after i was initially awarded the penalty before a second look overturn the coal. fell in the late up causing the change of mind . after the break went for a second. but this time it was denied by ralph famine. shall cut took advantage thanks to a bit of luck yannick vestigal turning into a new color jury's cross from the wing by go one one surprisingly
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shoka took control after the equaliser. missed the mark here. and then failed to fund a white posse on sama. it stayed one one affair results in the end. all that result wasn't quite what foles fans were looking for but there was a silver lining as the club reminded its followers on twitter is precisely one week short of three years since midfielder christophe crime or had scored in the bundesliga congratulations to a guy who has taken as we all know more than his share of hard knocks and social media star kevin prince boa tango and trucked frankfurt was also active on twitter before the match against his little brother drew. home showing off a pic of one of their head to head matches down the years and frankfurt versus
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byron is a match we have a little something for you from the voting darby on saturday was the first time that those two brothers from berlin had squared off in nearly three years not since kevin was in his somewhat bumpy tenure as a shall call player in his new workplace in frankfurt both saying the elder has been off to a flying start he scored the winner for on trucks last week and has drawn praise from his teammates and his coach for his leadership within the squad but it would be very hard to get it done against brother jerome winner of five bundesliga titles in his seven seasons at bahrain the outcome of the family feud as well as highlights of the days to other games are coming right at you it wasn't the boa tang's making the headlines but the referee after this fall he sent off frankfurt's mario's both on the to take back his decision after consulting the video assistant he showed a yellow card instead all that happened after our tour of edo had scored the decisive goal i after yahshua commissions cross the chilean netted in from just two
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metres a sweet victory for byron coach pontus against his former club. another in comprehensible decision led to the video assistant system being questioned in leipzig as well first leg sic were too fast for mind's eye lima paulsen dema kevin kumble one nil but just ten minutes later robin christ netted the equalizer i afraid kicked from mine send a great shot from daniel brzezinski pay to go out she with a fantastic save but christ son with the fastest reaction then the video assistant drama in injury time in the first half they are going challenge jemmett. it looked like a fair tackle but although the referee consulted the video assistant lights six still got the penalty t.-mo vanner scored two one to leipzig by but with just three
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minutes to go justice was done to him a big green and coach who had been sent off after an argument with the referee was happy for differing reasons that's what he sent me to the stands there i sat and kissed a complete stranger after the two two on the forehead the woman was quite surprised i have to admit my wife doesn't have to worry about it. to all.


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